Foundry Concert Club
Mon Feb 26 6:00 PM
All Ages
Welcome to Movie Monday @ The Foundry Concert Club!
We're excited to share our favorite movies with big sound, lots of screens, and a special menu of snacks!  You're welcome to wear your PJ's or sweats, dress theme appropriate, get comfy in your own camp chair or small inflatable, or grab a seat at the bar or tables.
We are however, NOT A MOVIE THEATRE.
We are a BAR that serves FOOD, and that means we operate as such and have some rules to follow.
1. No outside food or drink is allowed. If you are found with outside food or drink you will be asked to leave. No exceptions.
2. No one under the age of 18. 
    We will have family friendly movie nights down the road and they will be advertised as such. Until then, it is adults only and you will be asked to provide an ID.
3. No loitering. The movies are absolutely free to enjoy, there is no cover to get in, but you must purchase food or a beverage. 
Thank you and welcome to the movies!